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Upcoming Classes

Register for any of our FREE upcoming Virtual Technical Workshops by clicking below:

We offer video replays of many of our past workshops. If you’d like to watch a video of a class that has already happened, click below and join us at Maestra Replay on Vimeo.

Keys to Music Assisting
Overview of Technology for Music Directors
Transcription Tips and Tricks
Vocal Technique for Music Directors
Translating Musical Styles for the Stage
Getting Your Gospel Groove On (YouTube)
Working with Actor-Musicians
The Virtual Music Director
Gender-Affirming Vocal Techniques for MDs
Vocal Technique: Understanding Registration

Crash Course in Effective Subbing on Broadway
Improvising Music for Theatre
Subbing on Bass in a Broadway Musical
The On-Stage Musician
Guitar: The Wild Card of Pit Instruments

Creating A Great Artist Statement for Grant Applications
Creating Inclusivity: Working with TGNC Musical Talent (YouTube)
Self-Educating and Skill-Building from Home
How to Keep Your Students Performing During a Pandemic
Intro to Sound Design
Theater Managers: Who Ya Gonna Call?
Sustaining Your Artist Spirit
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Mic
Cultivating Your Creative Practice
Rhythm Tools for Musicians, Conductors, and Teachers
Discipline and Resilience for Musicians
Music Across Genre
Applying For and Maintaining a Job in Academia
Social Media Strategy and Personal Branding for Artists
Furthering Your Musical Career
Releasing Your Concept Album
Lessons from Teaching
Deconstructing Criticism
The Nashville Scene: Hot Chicken and Number Charts
Website SEO
Movie Musical Shorts
The Sub-Way to Broadway/Times Square
Demystifying TikTok for Musical Theatre Creators
How (and Why) to Kickstart Your Musical on TikTok
Composition in Sound Design
Touring and Life on the Road
The Composer as Dramatist

Arranging for Strings
Everything About the Accordion
The Dos and Don’ts of Writing for Drums
Writing and Arranging for the Harp
Writing for Brass and Woodwinds
How to Write for Percussion
Orchestrating for Flutes of the World
Afro-Harping: Alice Coltrane (YouTube)
Unlocking Trombone Colors
Orchestration: Making a Small Band Sound Phat
Writing Dance Arrangements in Collaboration with a Choreographer

Creating Story Tentposts, or Bookwriting for Composers
Monologue vs. Lyric: A Bookwriting Bout
Writing a Pop/Rock Theater Song
Refining Your Pop Song: First Draft to Final
Creating Your Own Solo Performance (YouTube)
Foundations I Use for Musical Storytelling
Turning Books and Films Into Musicals
Creating Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA)
Adapting Your Musical to an Audiobook Format
Navigating Collaborating
Working with Bookwriters: A Composer’s Guide
Everything About Opera In 90 Minutes
Underscoring for Musical Theatre Part 1
Underscoring for Musical Theatre Part 2
Gospel Music: Good News and Great Sounds
Starting a New Musical
How to Think Like a Lyricist
Groove: Pop to Theatre and Beyond
Adapting Musical Theatre For Kid Performers
Writing Libretto for the Opera

Finale: Page Layout/Conventions for Theatre Music
Finale: Using Shortcuts
Finale: Score Manager/File Info/Staff Setup
Finale: Expression Tool
Finale PlugIns: Your Personal Assistants
Sibelius: Set Up Your Ideal Template
Sibelius: Keystrokes & Plug-Ins

Tech Hacks for Creatives
Coding for Musicians #1: Intro to Programming
Coding for Musicians #2: Scripting/Creating Plug-Ins
Logic Part One: Getting Started
Logic Part Two: Using Logic for Composing and Orchestrating
Intro to Ableton: Composition, Production & Performance
Pro-Tools Fundamentals
How to Effectively Use ForScore
Ableton: Click Tracks, Backing Tracks (Pt. 1)
Ableton: Click Tracks, Backing Tracks (Pt. 2)
Ableton: Click Tracks, Backing Tracks (Pt. 3)
Building Your Home Studio
Creating A Virtual Performance
Starting a Creative Interest Podcast
So You Wanna Record an Album (or Demo!) (YouTube)
Mainstage Deep Dive Part 1
Mainstage Deep Dive Part 2