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Libby Hatton

Libby Hatton

  • She/Her
  • Biography

    Libby Hatton is a music director/arranger/orchestrator based out of Chicago, IL. She graduated from Northwestern University with a BA in Theatre, a Minor in Poetry, and a Module in Creating the Musical. At Northwestern, she took classes in music direction, theatre orchestration, classical orchestration, conducting, songwriting, and acting. She loves musical theatre and is excited to grow her career in music direction! Her favorite thing about music direction is that every show is different, which creates new challenges and opportunities to learn new skills with every project. Her favorite music directing memory is figuring out how to set up, mic, and mix a pit by herself!

    - composer/arranger: "Bros" By Michael-Ellen Walden and Libby Hatton (Theo Ubique Theater: Queering the Canon Cabaret)
    - music asst., transcriber, copyist: NIGHT SIDE SONGS (NU AMTP)
    - asst. composer, asst. orchestrator, music asst.: LIFE NOW (Imagine U/National Theatre DC)
    - lyrics, cello/violin books: "Take Me Back" by Natalie Tenenbaum and Libby Hatton

    - composer, orchestrator, music director, keyboard conductor: LAST STOP ON MARKET STREET (Imagine U, Wirtz Center)
    - music director, keyboard programmer, reed book scrambler, conductor: BIG FISH (Jewish Theatre Ensemble)
    - lead orchestrator, arranger, copyist: THE 91ST WAA-MU SHOW: A PECULIAR INHERITANCE (Wirtz Center)
    - music coordinator, arranger, writer: THE 90TH ANNUAL WAA-MU SHOW: THE SECRET OF CAMP ELLIOTT (Wirtz Center)
    - writer: THE 89TH ANNUAL WAA-MU SHOW: STATE OF THE ART (Wirtz Center)
    - writing collaborator, addl. orchestrator: ABANDON ALL HOPE (AMTP Capstone Festival; Original Cast Album)
    - music director, orchestrator, rehearsal tracks: CHANGE MY MIND (AMTP Capstone Festival)

    Libby is also a proud member of the Ring of Keys organization.

    Professional Experience

    • Concerts/Cabaret
    • Education


    • Chicago/Midwest

    Interested in touring?

    • Yes

    Maestra Expertise

    • Theatrical Composer (Music and Lyrics)
    • Music Director/Conductor (Baton)
    • Music Assistant
    • Songwriter
    • Orchestrator
    • Vocal Arranger
    • Music Copyist
    • Music Transcriber
    • Keyboard Programmer

    Primary Instruments

    • Piano
    • Synthesizer
    • Voice


    • Finale
    • Logic
    • MainStage