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Cynthia Chalifour

Cynthia Chalifour

  • She/Her
  • Biography

    I have two artistic philosophies:
    “Within imagination, there are no boundaries but the ones you set for yourself.”
    “Once you find your gift, it is your duty to share it.”
    My great grandfather, grandmother and father were all artists who made sacrifices so that I could have the opportunities I have today. They are my inspiration. Storytelling through music is my way to pay it forward.
    It is also my way to honor the little girl who felt like a misfit, but found a place where she could always belong: her imagination. A little girl who later found her own magic through music.
    His Dark Materials, Greek mythology, Marvel/DC superheroes, “les romans de cape et d’épée”, Disney, Buffy the vampire slayer, Evanescence, 80s & 90s pop, and epic movie soundtracks all led me to find my original voice.
    Then, as a teenager, I discovered Musical Theatre. Don Juan-la comédie musicale, Phantom of the Opera, Next To Normal and In The Heights are the shows that paved the way to where I am today.
    With all these influences, the music I tend to compose feels raw yet bigger than nature. I like creating stories where fantasy and reality merge; stories that speak to our collective human experience and imagination.
    My process begins with a feeling and a melody. Followed closely by a persistent rhythm that I can’t get out of my head, then the words and story unfold.
    I was part of the CMTWC Montreal Writers Workshop led by Jonathan Monro, and learned to collaborate as a composer, bookwriter and lyricist.
    As a Francophone artist who often feels like an outsider in Ontario (Iykyk), I long to create stories where all perspectives are not only valued but celebrated. I believe music is the bridge we need to do that. It is the universal language that connects us to our humanity.
    “When words are not enough, music comes in”

    TIFT Two-Way Mentorship, 2022-2023

    Advanced Musical Theatre Writing (CMTWC Montreal Writers Workshop; similar to BMI), 2018-2020

    Musical Theatre Performer & Member of UDA, ACTRA and CAEA.


    Professional Experience

    • Regional
    • Concerts/Cabaret
    • TV/Film
    • Community Theatre
    • Bachelor’s Degree


    • Canada

    Interested in touring?

    • Yes

    Maestra Expertise

    • Theatrical Composer (Music and Lyrics)
    • Theatrical Composer (Music only)
    • Theatrical Lyricist
    • Theatrical Bookwriter
    • Songwriter
    • Singer/Songwriter

    Primary Instruments

    • Voice


    • Ableton
    • GarageBand
    • Logic

    Additional Skills

    • Actor-Musician
    • Singer/Performer