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Donate funds via the form on this page to make a one-time or recurring donation to support Maestra Music.

You can also Venmo us at @Maestra-Music.

MAESTRA MUSIC, INC. was founded by composer/lyricist and music director Georgia Stitt to give support, visibility, and community to the women who make the music in the musical theater industry. Since women are under-represented in musical theater, our membership is made up of female-identifying, non-binary and gender non-conforming composers, music directors, orchestrators, arrangers, copyists, rehearsal pianists and other musicians. The organization’s initiatives include monthly educational seminars, mentorship programs, technical skills workshops, networking events, and online resources and partnerships that aim to promote equality of opportunity and to address the many historical disadvantages and practices that have limited women composers and musicians in the musical theater.

Maestra Music, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization,
EIN 83-3439518, incorporated Jan 29, 2019. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular tax payer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

You may also send a check directly to
Maestra Music, Inc.
13801 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


SUSTAINER ($10,000 and higher)

The Rodgers Family Foundation

CHAMPION ($5000-9,999) 

 Power, Twersky, DerParseghian, LLP

SUPPORTER ($2500-$4999)

Emily Grishman
Stacey Mindich
Georgia Stitt

ADVOCATE ($1000-2499)

Sean Flahaven
Kate Garst and The Atlantic Philanthropies
Alex Lacamoire
The Carl and Renee Landegger Family Charitable Trust
 Paul and Jenna Segal Family Foundation
Lia Vollack

LEADER ($500-999)

Kristen Anderson-Lopez
Robert Bonney
Joan Grande
The Lynn Ahrens and Neil Costa Foundation Fund
Irene Carl Sankoff
Marc Shaiman

PATRON ($250-499) 

John Blane
Lauren Kennedy Brady
Andrea Burns and Peter Flynn
Beth Falcone
Sue Frost
Larry Hirschhorn
Aaron Jodoin
Carmel Owen
Rachel Routh
Susan Sampliner
Tricia Small
Barbara Whitman
Anne Quart

ARTIST ($100 to $250)

Aron and Rachel Accurso
Randy Adams
Naomi Anhorn
Susan Gladden Atkins
Alexa Babakhanian
Gary Bagley
Kate Baldwin
Robert Banghart
Debra Barsha
Dorothy Bittenbring
Larry Blank
Deborah Brown
Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Carol Carlton
Murray Chapman
Charlotte Crawford
Michael Croiter
Jack Cummings III
Anna Dagmar
Andrea Daly
Megan D’Amico DeLaura
Jami Dauber
Carmel Dean
Kurt Deutsch
Tina deVaron
Jane Dubin
Anna Ebbesen
Emily Erickson
Melissa Errico
Kathy Evans
Tina Fallon
Tim Federle
Heather Diana Gershonowitz
Julie Gold
David Goldsmith
Amanda Green
Kourtney Harper
Lisa Riggs Hobbs
Jan Horvath
John C. Huss
Jennifer Isaacson
Laura Ivey
Howard Joines
Adam Jones
Julia Jordan
Nico Juber
Tamia and Frank Karlinski
Marc Kaplan
Gail Kriegel
Susan Rose Lafer
Robert W. Landis, Sr.
Martin Lowe
Janice Maffei
Lee Ann Marienthal
Rob McClure
John Miller
Karen Milne
Larry & Beverly Moss
Jenny and Roy Niederhoffer
Kristy Norter
Andy Nulman
Stephen Oremus
Leigh Pilzer
Paige Price
Sheilah Rae
Everett Reveley
Amy Rogers Schwartzreich
Elaine Romanelli
Robbie Rozelle
Elizabeth Salem
Anthony Santelmo, Jr.
Mark Sendroff
Lynne Shankel
Bartlett Sher
Kat Sherrell
Ally Shuster
Adam Sikora
Lainie J. Simon
Molly Smith
Kathy Sommer
Joanne Spigner
Karen Surgent
Michael A. Tartza, CPA
Linda Taylor
Victoria Traube
Matt Vinson
Sheilah Walker
John Webb
Cynthia Kortman Westphal
Ben Whiteley
Wil-Bur Investigations, Inc.
Ethyl Will
Jason Williams
Susan Eichhorn Young

FRIEND (up to $100)

(over 425 additional names)


The Dramatists Guild
Christina Lum, PTD Business Management
Amy Power, R/GA
Kara Unterberg, The New York SongSpace