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Donate funds via the form on this page to make a one-time or recurring donation to support Maestra Music.

Maestra Music, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization,
EIN 83-3439518, incorporated Jan 29, 2019. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular tax payer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

You may also send a check directly to
Maestra Music, Inc.
215 West 104th Street, #237
NY, NY 10025

Will your company offer a matching donation through Benevity? If so, click here to learn more!

Our Venmo is @Maestra-Music.


ANGEL ($10,000 and higher)

The Atlantic Philanthropies
The New York Women’s Foundation
Shearer Owen Music Foundation
Stacey Mindich Productions, LLC

CHAMPION ($5,000-$9,999) 

Susannah Blinkoff (in memory of Carol Hall)
Emily Grishman 
The Rodgers Family Foundation
Tricia Small
Georgia Stitt

ADVOCATE ($2,500-$4,999)

Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Robert and Kristen Lopez
Kara Unterberg

SUPPORTER ($1,000-$2,499)

The Nina Abrams Fund
Sean Flahaven
Laura Ivey
Judith Krupp
Carl and Renee Landegger
David and Iris Sampliner
Paul and Jenna Segal
Jonathan Marc Sherman and Alexandra Shiva
Maury Yeston

LEADER ($500-$999)

Randy Adams
Lynn Ahrens and Neil Costa
Rachel Cantu
Alex Crosby
Dale and Don Franzen
Larry Hirschhorn
Tanya Isler and David Horne
Gaby Mank
Anais Mitchell
Barbara Olcott
Paige Price
Susan Sampliner
Holly and William Staehle

SUSTAINER ($150-$499) 

Eryn Allen
Susan Atkins
Kristin Bair
Debra Barsha
Joan Beal
Marty Bell
Laura Bergquist 
John Blane 
Britt Bonney
Kirsten Childs
Ruth Cohen
Anna Dagmar
Carmel Dean
Megan D’Amico DeLaura
Asher Denberg
Tina deVaron 
Jeanne Drennan
Charles Deull and Laurel Dutcher
Anna Ebbesen
Katherine Edmonds
Sarah Brett England
Melissa Errico 
Sue Frost
Fuji Fujimoto
Nancy Gibbs
Zina Goldrich
Emily Gardner Xu Hall
Sonya Hayden

Kathryn Holmes
Ann and Howard Katz
David Klein
Ryan Key
John Kilgore
Stacy Kray
Susan Rose Lafer
Ann and Richard LaGravenese
Diana Lawrence
Christopher Leavy
Min Lee 
Jaime Lozano
Evan Mack
Andrew and Maryann Mank
Andrea Markowitz
Julie McBride
Dionne McClain-Freeney
Karen Milne 
Hosun Moon
Asher Muldoon
Sarah Nelson
Steve Orich
Angel Ortiz
Carmel Owen
Jamie Pachino
Michael Pizzi
Richard Plotkin
Sheilah Rae
David Rakowski

Sheelah Ramesh 
Alissa Rhode
Rachel Routh
Elizabeth Salem
Elizabeth Sears 
Marc Shaiman
Jacqueline and Michael Shapiro
Bartlett Sher
Kat Sherrell
Kathy Sommer
Joanne Spigner
Hayley Tantleff
Lauren Taslitz
Nora Terzo
Caitlin Thomas
Kelly Thomas
Alyssa Thompson
Christie Chiles Twillie
Melody Valdez
Sheilah Walker
Susan White
Ben Whiteley
Barbara Whitman
Amy Wigler
Nick Wilders
Jason Williams
Maddie Wu
Robert Yacko
Meg Zervoulis

FRIEND (up to $149)

over 700 additional names


The Dramatists Guild
Emily Grishman Music Preparation
The New York SongSpace
Ryan Moore, PTD Business Management
Janice Maffei and Joanne Spigner, Vision First
Masi Asare
Mary-Mitchell Campbell
Kirsten Childs
Gretchen Cryer
Carmel Dean
Elizabeth Doran
Beth Falcone
Adriana Grace
Jennifer Green
Marcy Heisler
Kait Kerrigan
Jamie Maletz
Dionne McClain-Freeney
Erin McKeown
Juliane Merrill
Mackena Metz
Kristy Norter
Jessica Paz
Susan Sampliner
Sila Shaman
Lynne Shankel
Madeline Smith
Lisa Anne Tamagini
Maddie Wu
Meg Zervoulis

Guidestar Profile HERE