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Liz Han

Liz Han



Han Pro Music Services

Liz Han



hi and bonjour!

i'm a 52 yr old female professional musician Canada-Korean born, I am based out of my hometown Edmonton, Alberta CANADA . a highly trained classical violinist from the age of 8 to 21, I was on a path to being a concert classical violinist - but shedding 4 hrs a day at 16 - is no kind of life. I messed around the piano bc of my obsession with jazz.
Joe Zawinal, Miles, Keith Jarrett, Glenn Gould... I was a waitress and danced at the gay bars and stopped the violin (RIP ran shean). I knew that I envied those who could improvise - esp jazz pianists. I don't feel jealous of others. Just "the grass is always greener...over there"
I was a miserable kid/band geek who could play the vln but not without sheet music.
I was spanked, screamed at, and was hit daily, at home for any reason 4 - 17 yrs old.
The perp was Jane. Elementary music teacher for K-Gr 6. Terrible pianist.
I was isolated, nailed into my room.
My radio was a walkman and was a Duran Duran fan, I read books obsessively, still do, on any subject.
I was a freak. I only became a band geek bc I had the temarity to forge my mother's signature age 12. Still cannot believe I did that to this day.
Billy Joel, Yellowjackets, Beethoven, Journey, ABBA I love ALL music.
I was lifting tunes at 14, because I had no money/allowance. I was not a happy teen.
If I shed the vln 4 hrs a day, Ran Shean said my vln lessons would be free - but I had to be on the honor roll.
So I forged those numbers too and was playing Corelli, Bach, soloist/concertmaster with orchestras 12-18 yrs old. I earned $$ by creating/booking gigs with my the Paglicci Quartet.
So - I ran away when she went for the violin. I became a professional waiter. I made friends, lovers and danced thru 3 yrs of freedom. The violin was shelved bc I failed the Curtis audition. No matter.
I was influenced with 80's pop music called "industrial", "New Wave", Euro Pop, "house music". Madonna, Malcolm Mclaren, at the gay bar, I was drug free as I danced away to the Communards, Depeche Mode, Madness, NWA.
I was hijacked by a well meaning friend - she had arranged that I got off my waitering shift, to go audition for Jazz Piano at Grant MacEwan college. I couldn't play anything without sheet music. I waitered 4 nights a week to pay rent. Tuition cost $800 in 1991. I was hired by alot of singers, while in 2nd yr. Professional accomplishments cont'd -
Facing my deepest fear of jazz required a pedigree like no other. I was cheered on by band teacher Murray Smith, mentored by the late Hon Sen Tommy Banks, I was able to shed, transcribe Bill Evans' solos, Harry Connick Jr, I got pregnant at 22 (his fault).
I was money driven for that 1st decade and then 30's, 40's, I formed a very successful cover girl band "Godiva" bc I was underpaid as a resident musical theatre MD for Theatre Arts at MacEwan. I scheduled students to baby sit Jordan - while Godiva gigged back 3's. Non sustainable and thats when music theatre found me. I had to be paid more than $30 per hr in 1993. And I had to leave to go sub in as Keys 1 at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre. I was MDng "Follies" when I divorced Jordan's dad. At least it wasn't "Passion". I subbed for a decade. Summerstock in CT, Princess Cruiselines...yes yes yes. I chose work over my son many times.
Now - things might look more human when you look at my Music CV. Its all about life. And to you Georgia, thank you for including a Canadian in this very special "tribe".
We have just a few out there who do what we do. So proud to be here.
PS Two jazz pianists can raise a child successfully while MDng A house theatres. Jordan (Andrew) is blazing a trail, scoring films at 29 in Vancouver.
Pls see attached

Yours Sincerely,

Liz Han
[email protected]

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