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Hel MacCormack

Hel MacCormack


Hel MacCormack is a 24-year-old composer, lyricist, performer, comedian, and multi-instrumentalist from Liverpool and based in Brighton. Helena began professionally writing music in 2015, creating songs to heal emotional wounds and amuse people, often achieving both simultaneously.

ROMANTICALLY STUNTED! - Written during her time studying Professional Musicianship with a specialisation in Vocals, Helena’s debut EP ‘Romantically Stunted’ is a small collection of folk-pop songs, combining catchy melodies with witty and thought-provoking lyrics. In what she describes as “an EP of songs about real and fictional love”, Romantically Stunted explores adolescence in the 21st century, challenging social norms and personal battles through cheery choruses that’ll loop around your mind for days.

JINGLES! - Helena has composed and recorded jingles for the podcasts ‘Make Out With Him’ by Lex Croucher and Rosianna Halse Rojas, and Leena Norms’ ‘I’m Not Being Funny But…’., working to a brief and giving several variations until the client(s) were happy.

MUSICAL COMEDY! - Going on to further study a BA (Hons) in Drama, Theatre and Performance, Helena took to writing and performing musical comedy, landing a place in the 2019 semi-finals of the UK’s Musical Comedy Awards, performing at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe, and receiving a standing ovation from the crowd at the iconic Underbelly variety show SPANK! for her punchline-laden cabaret entertainment.

FRIENDS: THE ONE WITH ALL THE SINGING! - In 2019 Helena also composed and wrote lyrics for, as well as Vocal Coached, Sussex Musical Theatre Society’s original parody musical ‘Friends: The One With All The Singing’, a sell-out performance which earned rave reviews.

Taking influences from the musical stylings and honest lyrics of pop/rock singer-songwriters such as Kate Nash and Mitski, the comic timing and daring material of musical comedians such as Tim Minchin and Bo Burnham, and the recognisably punchy musical theatre style of delivery, Helena’s writing is often described as raw, funny, and powerful.

Helena also spends her free time working on solo creative projects, having composed several standalone musical theatre numbers, created a spoken word poetry project entitled ‘Not A Notion’, and put together a podcast about bisexuality entitled ‘The Bi & By’ as a participant of Stonewall’s Young Campaigners Programme. She is currently in the process of writing/composing a new original one-woman show combining poetry, storytelling, comedy, and of course, music, and hopes to debut it at Brighton Fringe 2021. Alongside her new show she continues to write folk-pop songs and is in search of a new original musical for which to collaborate to as a lyricist.


  • United Kingdom

Hireable as

  • Theatrical Composer (Music and Lyrics)
  • Theatrical Lyricist
  • Bookwriter/Librettist
  • Songwriter
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Other

My Instruments

  • Accordion
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Violin - fiddle
  • Voice


  • GarageBand


  • She/Her