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Music Director for Summer Camp

Bucks Rock

Category: Music Director

Label Info
Type Paid
Location New Milford, CT
Dates June 21, 2023 –August 21, 2023
Compensation 4000-5000

Job Description

This person oversees all musical aspects of musical theater productions at Buck's Rock, typically 2 per summer. This person should expect to work most evenings between 6 PM and midnight, and later than that at least once per week, as rehearsals and performances often fall outside of primary shop hours, which occur every day from 9AM to 6 PM.

Additional duties include: Leading musical rehearsals with the cast of each musical, teaching the score and preparing the cast for performance. Leading rehearsals with the orchestra or band of each musical, preparing the orchestra or band for performance. Conducting the orchestra or band during dress rehearsals and performances. Working with the director, choreographer, sound designer, and other staff to ensure the needs of the cast, musicians, and show as a whole are met from a music perspective. The musical director may be called upon to accompany rehearsals on piano, and may be called upon to play in the orchestra or band as needed; Working in close coordination with the Music shop (i.e. "MuShed”), particularly with the Head of Shop; Assessing the rhythm, tone, voice, and general vocal skills of each musician; Providing vocal and instrumental demos when it would serve to benefit campers and/or staff; Scheduling staff meetings and providing feedback and suggestions for improvement; Leading and supervising rehearsals and performances; Attending regular production meetings to coordinate with fellow area staff throughout the summer; Attending regular all-staff meetings for routine updates and news related to camp in the summer, Assisting the de-winterization and winterization of performing arts spaces across camp prior to and following the arrival and departure of enrolled campers. At least three years of post-graduate experience in professional theater environments required. Must be able to navigate rough terrain. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions of the position.

Lodging: Dorm-style housing, a short walk from all other camp amenities
Dates of Employment: June 21, 2023 - August 21, 2023

How to Apply

Apply directly through the Bucks Rock website.